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A Girl To Remember by Ajay K Pandey is an account of Pihu an honest, passionate and mysterious girl who is trusting that a blessed messenger will go to her life and make her life lovely.

An evil presence stows away in each heavenly attendant, and in each devil, a holy messenger steps in. Neil is a self-declared evil presence, a captive to his wants, and gambling unadulterated relations for it. He lives for himself, accepts life as it comes, and treats individuals who love him as passionate dolts. At the point when he initially centers around his new mortgage holder, a widow who is just eleven years of age, he gets an opportunity.

He had an arrangement to get rich and was endeavoring to accomplish it until he got into Pihu. She is a juvenile youngster who likes Neil for no clear explanation, and indiscriminately accepts that he is the heavenly attendant who removes all the hardships from his life. Neil abhors Pihu for her mystifying fixation, and she is a block in his arrangement, however her assurance to see a decent man in him moves Neil.

Will Pihu have any kind of effect? Will there be an interior change for a man who has returned to life? The young lady to recollect is an enthusiastic exciting ride, which you accept is the best discipline for admission.

"A Girl to Remember" My Review

The human brain acts like an angel at one time and a phantom at another. The Girl to Remember is a book that delineates the life of a guiltless girl named Pihu, who searches for an angelic show to make things directly in her life.

Neil, then again, is a teacher at one of the eminent establishments in Pune. His strange actions cause him to lose his employment and his accommodation in the inn is in jeopardy.

Pihu, who is passionate about Neil, says that she is accommodating. Neil discovers Annu (Pihu’s mom) in this situation and he immediately makes a plan. He attempts to capture Annu by pinu to hold onto the property he claims.

He utilizes Pihu as an ace in the hole. Be that as it may, Pihu kept on considering him to be an angel or her hotly anticipated rescuer. Annu is also aware of Neil’s activities and his past record.

What is it that them two agree to be Neil? What happened to Neil? Why he does all this is the remainder of the story. The three main characters – Neil, Pihu and Annu are all around illustrated.

Neil is appeared as an apparition whose longing is just for cash and makes ladies awesome. He utilizes any individual as a chance to get what he wants. Pihu is a guiltless and immature youngster.

Annu, who lost her husband at an early age, has conquered a ton of challenges and has a decided attitude. The style of composing is basic and clear. Love, admission, obligations, and witnesses are all notable in this story. The turns are unpredictable and the book is pulled out to make it a speedy page turner. 

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  • Paperback:224 pages
  • Publisher:Srishti Publishers & Distributors; First edition (28 September 2018)
  • Language:English

About Author

Ajay K Pandey keeps on composing romantic tales that touch many lives and change lives. His smash hit books You’re the Best Wife and Her Last Wish have topped various hit charts and investigate the profundities that go to heart for adoration.

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