Best Earphones under 500 in 2020 [Top 5]

best earphones under 500

Nowadays, most smartphone companies do not provide earphones. So, you’ll have to buy it separately if you buy a phone that doesn’t have earphones. Music lovers can invest more than earbuds but if you only need earphones for dialing and basic brushing experience, Rs. 500 will be enough for you. If you don’t want to spend a fortune and want cheap earphones with standard music, this post is for you.

In this article, I have listed the best earphones under 500 INR. If you have a budget of Rs. For 500 or less, you can see the earphones listed in this article and buy any of these.

If you are looking for a good music experience, I recommend these 3 earphones worth over Rs. 500. My favorite is the JBL C100SI on Ear Earphones with Mic.

  • Skullcandy JIB S2DUDZ-003 (Rs. 561) 
  • Realme Buds 2  (Rs. 598) 
  • JBL C100SI in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Rs. 699)  
  • Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK (699) 

Best Earphones Under 500 INR

Here is the list of Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees In 2020

1. BoAt Bass 220/225 [₹499]

best earphones under 500

BoAt may be a new name for you but this phone does not disappoint. Comes with premium built-in, tangle-free wire and lightweight. This is the kind of ear that Ear. It provides the right sound quality and the right bass quality. It also has a built-in microphone that lets you receive calls. You also get to choose different colors. It comes with a noise cancellation feature to give you a better music experience even in a noisy environment.

The only issue on the earpiece is the short length of the strings. If it’s not an issue, this is one of the best earphones under 500 INR that provides the right music experience. also read best earphones under 1000

2.JBL C50HI [₹499]

best earphones under 500

The JBL C50HI is the best earphones under 500 you can buy in the list of Rs. 500.  The JBL C50HI comes in black, blue and white. It’s nice and allows you to use it for hours. It also features a line microphone and a function key to control music and phones. The wires are small, so you have to take care of them.

If I talk about performance, it doesn’t disappoint. It has an 8.6mm speaker driver to transmit sound and clear sound. If you want better bass, you will have to increase your budget.

3. Mi Earphones Basic 2018 [₹399]

best earphones under 500

 If you are a Xiaomi fan, I recommend this one because it works very well on Xiaomi devices. The earphone features an Ergonomic and Tangle-free design of 1,2 meters of wire. It’s beautiful and covers all the ear lines to give you an amazing sound experience.

 The sound quality is absolutely perfect. Bass quality is also good. It has a good build quality. It comes with a microphone for phones. There is also a single-button functionality.

This is one of the best earphone to look for the best earphones under 500 INR.

4. Honor AM115 [₹399]

best earphones under 500

The AM115 honor is the latest entry into the Indian market. This kind of in-ear feature comes with a budget price tag but shows off its effectiveness. This phone is designed in a way to deliver a smooth experience.

The earphone also has mic for hands-free calls. It has three button controls – which allow you to control the track, volume, and calls. You can receive or reject calls. It also meets European safety standards.

5. Realme Earbuds [₹398]

best earphones under 500

Realme Earbuds are the best earphones under 500 you can buy at a list price of Rs. 500. This is a great looking phone with a fantastic music experience. It has 11 mm miles of powerful sound and claims 160 percent Bass. Wire fencing also provides protection for Break Kevlar. It also has a wireless cable. The quality of the rope is good and will last a long time.

It has three buttons to control music and to take or end calls. There is also a button to use Google Assistant. Due to its features, good sound quality, and excellent design, this is our recommendation for the best phones under 500 INR. Also Read smartphones under 5000

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