The Girl in Room 105

the girl in room 105

This section is about the essence of the book The Girl In Room 105. The story, in short, can give you a reason to read the book and that’s the whole goal of publishing.

The Girl In Room 105 Story Chetan Bhagat takes a different route in this book. He was fed up with love stories. This book The Girl In Room 105 is a thriller love story. The main characters in this book are Keshav, Saurabh and Zara.

Keshav is an IITian who works as a teacher at the JEE Tuition Center, Chandan Classes He hates his job and reaches out via LinkedIn, but fails to find the right job. He is part of the Orthodox family. His mother was a homemaker and his father was part of the RSS, a political party in India.As always, he has a love story with a colleague named Zara, who is currently pursuing her Ph.D. In IIT. 

Zara belongs to a Kashmiri Muslim family and because of their families whose love story ends, they struggle on religious issues. Let’s get into it. If you are Indian and are reading this, you will know the problems inter-religious couples face in the country.

Keshav can’t get out of the affair and remembers Zara who loves Raghav (Keshav’s classmate). Raghav is an intelligent man with a geeky look. Keshav often calls Zara to return to her, but she never accepts. Saurabh’s Chandan also works in classes. He is from NIT and is a friend of Keshav. He helps Keshav forget his past love and focus on his future.

Part 2: That Night

As the book’s title the girl in room 105 suggests, Zara is the owner of room number: 105’s. It was Zara’s birthday and unfortunately Raghav was beaten by some goons and was in the Apollo hospital. Keshav regulates the urge to call Zara and ask her for her birthday at midnight. He and Saurabh drink wine and sleep. At 3 o’clock in the morning, he receives a text from Zara, asking why he didn’t want it this year. He was shocked to see a text coming from her. 

Zara goes and tells her to meet him in her room immediately. Keshav goes to the girls’ hostel with Saurabh. He showed the fake ID card and entered the hostel. He climbs the mango tree and slips into the window of Zara’s room, awaiting his arrival.

The room was dark and it was completely quiet. Zara was asleep on the couch. He touches her forehead and feels a cold chill. He turns on the light and sees her dead. Like a corpse on her birthday, he was completely shocked, scared and sad at the sight of his love. He informs Saurabh that he should flee the scene.But Keshav is determined to find the killer. The rest of the story is his journey of standing near Zara after her death for his justice.

Part 3: The Journey to find the killer

Keshav goes through the suspects journey. He informs the police, Raghav and Zara’s parents. Police will arrest the watchman of the hostel who was missing from the CCTV camera at the time of Zara’s murder. But we all know that the story doesn’t end so easily. Keshav dug deep and with the help of the police- Inspector Rana. He first suspects Professor Saxena (PhD Guide) who tried to harass Zara.

On the night of Zara’s death it was proved that Saxena had a limp and could not climb the mango tree. He is trying to find Zara’s half-brother Sikander, who is part of a militant group in Kashmir. Keshav takes help from Zara’s father and checks her room for clues. He smiles in the picture, along with Zara, with a gun with gunpowder, pregnancy kits and Sikander’s selfie. Keshav goes through the clues one by one. He first tries to meet Sikander and asks about his group called TEJ. Sikander threatens with a gun and runs away. 

They try to reach him through his mother in Kashmir. Sikander meets them again and tries to explain that he is not a murderer. But with the right credentials, Keshav almost believes that Sikander killed his sister for fear that the TJ Army would be known. The next day Sikandar kills himself, convincing everyone that his presence will hurt TEJ and that he has killed his beloved sister. Keshav returned to Square One and found that he had made a mistake in doubting Sikander.

He thinks about pregnancy kits and sees a picture of an army officer in Kashmir along with Zara on his Instagram. After a proper investigation, he found out that Army officer Zara had been gifted with expensive jewelry and they had attacked his home in Home Delhi.They find the same pregnancy kits and check his internet history, which contains search histories of abortion and divorce. They also find golden blocks in his house and are convinced with the theory that he made Zara pregnant and killed her with guilt. On the 100th day after their death, Zara invites everyone he knows to arrange a feast to announce the victim and arrest him unconsciously.

Part 4: The Twist

The story needs a twist. Before announcing Keshav’s killer, he goes on a short trip to Hyderabad. This is when he learns that he suspects the wrong person. Read more at Offerzonline

About the Author

Chetan Bhagat is the author of nine blockbuster books. Seven novels – Five Point Someone (2004), One Night @ Call Center (2005), The 3 Mistakes of My Life (2008), 2 States (2009), Revolution 2020 (2011), Half Girlfriend (2014) and One Indian Girl (2016) —and non-fiction titles What Young India Wants (2012) and Making India Awesome (2015). Chetan books have been a top-seller since its release. Many of his novels have been turned into successful Bollywood films.

The New York Times called him the best-selling English-language novelist in Indian history. Time Magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world, and Fast Company in the USA ranked him among the 100 most creative people in the world.

Chetan wrote columns for leading English and Hindi newspapers, focusing on youth and national development issues. He is also a motivational speaker and screenplay writer.

Chetan left his international investment banking career in 2009 to devote his entire time to writing and changing the country. He lives in Mumbai with his wife Anusha and his twins Shyam and Ishaan, a former classmate from IIM-A. you can also buy this at amazon

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